CTF Challenges

GuidePoint Security CTF Feb 2021

The folks from GuidePoint Security set up another awesome CTF this February with loads of machines to explore and pwn. This post describes how I got the 5 flags of the machine called beni.

justCatTheFish 2020

A few of us came together as a team to tackle the challenges put together by this Polish team. Despite teammates living around the world in different time zones, we had a lot of fun!

Shakti CTF 2020

Shakti CTF was a beginner CTF that took place early December 2020. Lots of fun with stego, crypto, forensics, etc.

NACTF 2020 Stego

Here are a few steganography challenges that I solved during the 2020 edition of NACTF!

Hacktober SQL Challenges

Students are being targeted at Shallow Grave University. Let’s find Luciafer’s next targets and warn them before it’s too late!

Halloween Stego!

Hope you aren’t afraid of skeletons dancing with witches because Hacktober is upon us with creepy stego challenges!

The Soothing Waves

This ShellCon CTF audio steganography challenge almost drove me nuts! Just because of l sma11 character 🙂

Sand Castles

Sand castles can conceal important information. So get your shovel and start diggin’!


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